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Roadmap to Success™: Where Coaching Meets Careers, Staffing, and Community.

Roadmap to Success™ program empowering historically underserved populations, including justice-impacted, foster and at-risk youth, people with disabilities, new citizens, veterans, the homeless, & low-income/marginalized individuals. We offer personalized coaching, career development, staffing solutions, and a supportive community to ensure long-term success in both professional and personal spheres. By partnering with businesses, educational institutions and community organizations, we provide expert guidance on best practices, bias mitigation, and operational efficiency. Our entrepreneurship bootcamp equips aspiring business owners with essential skills in business planning, financial literacy, marketing, sales and bootstrapping.

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Personalized Coaching Sessions:​

  • Coaching to address individual career goals and challenges.

  • Focus on personal and professional growth.

  • Develop customized career development plans.

Management Coaching Sessions:​

  • Strategies to effectively engage and retain employees from underserved populations.

  • Equip management with the skills to understand and appreciate diverse cultural backgrounds.

Strategic Staffing Solutions:

  • Match individuals' skills with employer needs.

  • Assist with job placement through strategic partnerships.

  • Ensure the right fit for both employees and employers.

Career Development Programs:

  • Job readiness training.

  • Career mentorship and guidance.

  • Skills training for enhanced employability.

  • Ongoing career support to ensure long-term success.

Entrepreneurs Program:

  • Business Bootcamp-Intensive training on business planning, marketing, and financial management.

  • WMBE Certifications-Guidance on obtaining Women and Minority Business Enterprise (WMBE) certifications.

  • Scaling Strategies-Techniques for scaling your business and achieving sustainable growth.

  • Market Analysis/Research-Insights into conducting effective market research and analysis.

  • Bootstrapping-Information on accessing funding and investment opportunities for startups and (or) best practices to building with nothing.

  • Board of Directors-Understanding why and how to build your board.

  • Networking-Access to a network of industry professionals.

  • Overcoming Barriers-Strategies to overcome barriers specific to underserved populations, such as discrimination and lack of resources.

  • Peer Guidance-Ongoing mentorship from experienced entrepreneurs and business leaders with shared lived experiences.

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