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Are Your Candidates Lying To Get The Job?

Hey, HR pros! We've all been there, sifting through countless resumes, wondering if some candidates are bending the truth to land their dream job. Well, the wait is over! My latest SHRM feature entitled "Are Your Candidates Lying to Get the Job?" is here to help you unravel the truth!

Trent Griffin-Braaf shares insights you can't afford to miss!

In this game-changing article, we dive deep into the art of candidate assessment and the telltale signs of deception. Discover expert tips to spot inconsistencies, read between the lines, and ensure you build a team of honest, reliable professionals.

Ready to raise your HR game and build the dream team your company deserves? Click the link below to access the full article:

Join us on this truth-seeking journey, and let's elevate the world of HR together!

Don't miss out, your next superstar employee might be just an article away!

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